• Normal Delivery
  • D & C (OPD Patient)
  • D & C (IPD Patient)
  • Cesarean Operation
  • Uterus Operation (Hysterectomy)
  • Appendix Operation
  • Inguinal Hernia/ Hydrocele /Testicular Tumor Operation
  • Piles/Fistula/Fissure Operation
  • OPEN Gallbladder Operation
  • Laparoscopic Gallbladder Operation
  • Breast Tumor Operation
  • Breast Cancer Operation
  • Circumcision OPD (GA)
  • Circumcision OPD (Local)
  • Tonsil Operation
  • Nose Operation
  • Thyroid Operation
  • O. R. I. F. (Various Types of Bone Operation) [ Price rate fixed upon based on different level]
  • Others [ Price rate fixed upon based on different level]

Package Includes: Surgical Team Charge, Anesthetist Charge, OT Charge, Follow-up Consultation Charge, 3 days stay in hospital.

Package Excludes: Medicine, Investigation, Blood Transfusion and other procedures or other departments consultation if needed.

Please Note:

  • HBsAg/HCV Positive patients have extra requirements and charges.
  • Any kind of package is not applicable for the emergency patient.

Please Contact in Hospital for Package Prices